Thundertrax Tank

THUNDERTRAX is an incredible monster machine which started life as an armoured personnel carrier until it was no longer required by the armed forces.  Scott found it rusting in a scrap yard and saw the potential for a monster project.  He bought the rusting hulk and had it transported down to his workshop for its magical transformation.

Tons of metal forming the superstructure had to be removed and the remainder had to be stripped of all rust before Scott and his team could set about creating Thundertrax.

Over the winter months, while the show was off the road, the Chevy body was cut, welded and moulded to fit.  The interior was formed to create the driver’s position with new seating  and controls.  The body was sprayed and sign written, the tracks were cleaned and repaired, oiled and painted, and then the lights were put in place.  Finally the driver’s roll-cage, safety harness and remote kill-switch were fitted.