Bandit Monster Truck

THE BANDIT Monster Truck started life as the Carolina Crusher in North Carolina USA where it was built and driven by Gary Porter, winning the National Title from the Monster Truck Racing Association.

As it stands today the Bandit is powered by a big-block Chevy engine.  It has a moulded fibreglass body mounted on a specially designed tubular chassis with hugely powerful shock absorbers to cushion the impact of its spectacular jumps.

When fitted with its specially trimmed floatation tyres, which are 66 inches in diameter, the truck stands at an imposing 11 feet high and weighs around 5 tons.  The huge wheels have to be removed for transportation and smaller, narrower wheels are fitted so that it can be loaded into its trailer.

With each wheel weighing in at approx one ton a piece, and ten wheel-nuts securing each one in place, it is a demanding job for the crew to prepare the truck for each show.  Regular fuel and oil drain-downs, changing plugs, daily, tyre checks and chassis inspections make this a very demanding beast to keep running.