Scott May

Scott grew up in the era of Evel Knievel and Eddie Kidd and was totally fascinated by the skill and daring of their motorcycle jumps and stunts.

His father bought him a tiny motorbike when he was just five years old and Scott started building his own ramps from planks and rocks in the fields which surrounded his family home.  He knew, even then, that he wanted to be a motorcycle stunt rider and has dedicated his life to building his stunt show to the size it is today.

For ten years Scott was a top Schoolboy Motocross rider, winning the South West Championship, and has rooms full of trophies marking his achievements.  It was whilst motocross riding that he honed his jumping and landing skills, and on his home-made ramps that he started to push himself and his machines to the limit.  Constantly striving to go higher and further with every jump.

Scott is now recognised as one of the top two wheel drivers in the world. Having mastered cars, vans and a 7.5 ton truck, his next goal is to drive a London double decker bus on it’s side two wheels and break the world record which currently stands at 810 feet. He also has plans to break a world record for driving a tractor on it’s side wheels.

Check out the video below of Scott driving a double decker bus on two wheels!

All of Scott’s stunts with cars, bikes, trucks, tractors and buses are available to hire for any event or occasion.