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We were planning our biggest ever UK tour in 2020. New attractions such as the double decker bus and tractor driving on two wheels were going to be included in the show, but everything ground to a halt due to Covid 19.

The government restrictions imposed in March 2020 meant our tour had to be cancelled. Social distancing rules made it impossible to accommodate the number of spectators required to make the business viable. We looked into every option to accommodate more spectators safely, but there were no solutions. Social distancing restrictions continued into 2021. We could not operate in 2020 and 2021 and had no income during this time, which had a severe impact on the business.

Considering we were one of the businesses most severely affected by the social distancing measures, we felt we should have received more financial help from the government. Billions of pounds were made available, but our business was overlooked because it did not fit the criteria. Theatres, festivals and circuses who found themselves in exactly the same predicament as us, received millions of emergency funding, but we were one of the businesses that fell through the cracks and had to survive on it’s own.

During the last few years we have been inundated with questions such as, when are you touring again?, has the show finished?, when are you coming back to our town? Unfortunately due to the impact of Covid 19 all of our road vehicles have been sold, which included the HGV’s, trailers, vans, accommodation trailers and caravans. Thankfully we still have all of our stunt vehicles and show equipment in storage, therefore we hope to bring the show back again in the future…

Scott is hoping to break the world record for driving a double decker bus on two wheels and raise a huge amount of money for charity.

Check out the video of the double decker bus below.

Further details of this amazing stunt will be posted soon….


Scott May has spent the last 30 years perfecting the skill of driving quads, cars, vans, tractors and lorries on their side two wheels. He has now mastered this stunt using an iconic London double decker bus and plans to break a world record, raising money for charity.

The world record for the furthest distance driven on two wheels in a double decker bus was set at 810 feet (246.8 metres) in 1989. This stunt has only been attempted once before. Scott received a copy of the 1989 Guiness Book of Records, which included pictures and details of a double decker bus driving on two wheels. Since then Scott has always wanted to attempt this stunt.

There are no special weights or tricks involved in this stunt, it is all down to driver skill using steering and throttle control. The bus weighs around 11 tons and all of the weight is on just two tyres. The bus is a 1964 Leyland PD3A and was purchased in 2007. It has been an ongoing project in between touring the world with the show.


Scott has mastered driving his Case 1056 XL tractor on it’s side two wheels. During practice sessions Scott has completed full lengths of Perranporth airfield.

Tractor Stunt

Scott uses a standard farm tractor with no modifications. The tractor has a diff lock lever, which is engaged to ensure that it maintains forward drive when on two wheels. The tractor is kept in the balance position using only steering and throttle control.

Scott is planning to break the world record for the furthest distance driven on the side two wheels using a farm tractor.