Scott May’s Daredevil Stunt Show, Europe‘s largest, independent, touring stunt show performing at numerous venues across the UK.

This is a fast moving, action packed show with Monster Truck destruction, Europe’s only monster ride-truck, car-crushing action from Thundertrax (a tank/monster truck hybrid), motorcycle, quad and all-terrain buggy jumps, car crashes, amazing fire stunts and much, much more.

Scott May has been touring with his stunt show throughout the UK for nearly 30 years and brings an unrivalled reputation and level of skill to his daredevil show. In the last couple of years Scott and his team have completed nationwide tours of England, Scotland, Ireland and New Zealand.

Scott’s stunt team demonstrate incredible skill and precision throughout a show that is a thrill to the senses. Feel the ground rumble under your feet with the extreme power and roar of the monster trucks. Hear the twisting metal of the car crashes. Smell the burning rubber of the full throttle motorcycle stunts. See the greatest show on wheels!

As well as a ride on monster truck there is a second monster truck, “The Bandit” and an adapted tracked vehicle “ThunderTrax”, which both cause massive destruction. Other exciting features of the show involve fire, pyrotechnics and the infamous Stunt clown, who will be bouncing into things and causing trouble wherever he decides to get involved.

MOTORCYCLE, CAR and FIRE STUNTS including Motorcycle Jumps over cars, team body-jump, and the moving ramp jump.  Motorcycle wheelies, Honda Pilot Buggy wheelies, jumps and two wheel driving.  We also include crazy fire stunts such as the Motorcycle Fire Wall, Exploding Coffin, Motorcycle Fire Jump, Fire Run, Fire Drag, Human Battering Ram and the Human Torch.

When you come along to watch the Stunt Show, it is easy to overlook all of the background planning involved in the organisation of the  transportation and the setting up of every event at a different venue each day.

By the time you go in through the gates we have already

  • Driven to the venue
  • Unloaded all of the equipment from the lorries
  • Checked to make sure that every stunt vehicle is mechanically sound and safe to use
  • Set up the sound system
  • Taken the travel wheels off the Monster Trucks and put on their giant performance wheels
  • Set up the arena barriers
  • Set out all of the centre gear and fire extinguishers
  • Prepared the Entry Gates.

As you drive home from the show we will be packing everything away again.  Loading all of the stunt vehicles back into lorries, packing away all of the barriers and stowing the centre gear before grabbing some well earned rest.

The following morning we set off again for the next venue and start the whole process over again.  Some journeys are uneventful, others are fraught with punctured tyres and vehicle breakdowns along the way.  As with any live shows the unexpected can always happen.

All of us involved in the show work extremely hard in all sorts of weather conditions to bring you our own special brand of live entertainment.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION  We take a great deal of care to ensure that all safety precautions are followed to the letter.  The arena is for access to show personnel only.  Even after the show has finished, when all of the pyrotechnics have been exploded and the fires extinguished, the exhaust pipes on the vehicles will still be hot and the stunt props will still be in position.  Please ensure that all members of your group remain behind the safety barriers at all times, do not climb or stand on the safety barriers and do not enter the arena at any time before, during or after the show.