Monster Machines & Stunt Driving


Location and Dates

  • Perranporth Airfield, Trevellas, Cornwall
  • Selected weekday and weekend dates between July and October
  • In the event of severe weather conditions, experiences may be postponed/re-scheduled

What’s included in this experience?

  • Drive the Thundertrax Tank, a monster truck and perform two wheel driving, handbrake turns and high speed parallel parking in stunt cars
  • Approximately 10 minutes driving on each of five activities
  • Around 50 minutes total drive time
  • Please allow up to three hours on site for this experience

Driving Activities

  • Stunt Car – Handbrake turns
  • Stunt Car – High speed parallel parking, using handbrake
  • Stunt Car – Two wheel driving, driving a car on the side two wheels
  • Thundertrax Tank – including driving over scrap cars
  • Monster Truck – Drive either the Bandit monster truck or Slaine monster truck, including driving over scrap cars



What can I expect on the day

It’s going to be a monster mash up on this Scott May Daredevil Stunt Show experience! Take part in a series of stunt sessions in different vehicles, including stunt cars, a monster truck and even a fully-tracked beast. It’s fun on a larger than life scale here in Cornwall!

Stunt driving. Scott May and his daredevil show team knows a thing or two about this. Having performed over 2000 Scott May stunt shows around the country since 1991, they’ve kept crowds entertained with madcap driving antics including everything from motocross bikes and the wheelie bus, to humungous monster trucks doing massive jumps.

These experiences give you a hands-on taste of Scott May’s stunt driving style. All the shebang and sheboodle of this crazy stunt show sets up at Perranporth and opens its doors to you. On your experience you’ll get to drive a range of stunt vehicles and try out some classic stunt moves too.

And they won’t be in just any old vehicle. You’ll be behind the wheel of the actual trucks and cars that are used in Scott May’s daredevil stunt spectacular. Wait until you see the ThunderTrax tank. He’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before and will have you asking ‘Is it is tank or a monster truck?’. Well, the answer is he’s both. A Chevy cab has been put on a genuine ex-Army Armoured Personnel Carrier, to make a behemoth of a full-tracked monster, complete with very shiny wheels!

As well as ThunderTrax, you’ll meet the likes of Bandit, the monster truck straight out of North Carolina in the USA. This truck is pretty special – it’s a Monster Truck Racing Association championship winner, don’t you know! Then there’s Slaine. Scott May imported him from Canada and you may recognise him from Sky’s ‘Men & Motors’ TV show. Expect to be driving the monster machines over squished and squashed scrap cars, just because you can!

Of course, no stunt driving show would be complete without a bit of driving on two wheels, a spot of high-speed parallel parking and some handbrake turns too. All these moves will be duly busted in one of this Cornish stunt driving school’s specially prepared stunt cars, by you. We think you’ll like the day you went to Scott May’s Daredevil stunt driving experience!

Who is it suitable for?

  • Minimum age 17
  • Full UK driving licence is required
  • Maximum height 6ft 6ins
  • Maximum weight 20 stone
  • Not suitable if you have heart/back problems or during pregnancy

Can anyone come along to watch?

  • Spectators are welcome to come along and watch the action

Anything else I need to know?

  • Specific stunt cars and monster trucks vary on the day and are subject to change
  • Scrap cars used may have been crushed on previous experience. Fresh scrap cars can be arranged for an additional charge upon request at the time of booking your date
  • Safety helmets are provided and disposable balaclavas are available
  • In the event of mechanical issues alternative driving sessions will be offered or events will be rescheduled
  • Pay on the day activities including passenger rides and other stunt driving vehicles are available
  • All vehicles are driven at low speeds (under 25mph) during this experience. At no time will the monster trucks and tank be airbourne in the same way as the touring stunt show