THUNDERTRAX is an incredible monster machine which started life as an FV 432 armoured personnel carrier until it was no longer required by the armed forces. It has 2 tillers for steering instead of a steering wheel and half-inch armoured plating. Around 3000 of these vehicles were built between 1962 and 1971 and there are still around 1,500 in service in the British forces today. It originally weighed around 16 tons and was designed to carry 12 personnel.

Scott found it rusting in a scrap yard and had it transported down to his workshop for its magical transformation. After six months of intensive labour in our workshop, the superstructure of 4 tons of armoured shell was removed, the slow old Rolls Royce engine was replaced by a V8 Perkins Diesel Engine which took its top speed up from 32 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour.  We fitted a shortened Chevrolet pick up body, created a new drivers position, added a roll cage, safety harnesses, light rig and a remote kill switch.

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Technical specifications

Thundertrax is 17ft long and 9ft wide and today weighs in at around 12 tons. Powered by a V8 Perkins diesel engine with Allison automatic transmission. Torsion bar suspension with 5 road wheels. Right hand driving position.