Stunt Show

If your event requires a stunt show featuring motorcycle, car and fire stunts then we will undoubtedly have something for you. We have such a wide variety of stunts available enabling us to provide a small show for a few minutes or a show that lasts a few hours.

Stunts we can perform are –

Motorcycle stunts –  body jump, moving ramp jump, fire jump, jumps over vehicles and blindfold riding.
Two wheel driving – car, quad, pilot buggy, 7.5 ton truck.
Stunt clown – including clown’s comedy split car, mini bike and quad clowning.
Car crashes – including car rollovers, flying head on crash and steel wall crash.
Fire stunts – motorcycle fire wall, exploding coffin, fire run, fire drag, battering ram and human torch.
Flip rollover mini.
Pilot buggy stunts – two wheel driving, wheelies and fire jump.

For more detailed information and photos of these stunts go to the Stunts section of our website.

We have no set stunt show package, however we can tailor make a show for your event to meet your requirements and budget. Please contact us for further information.