Slaine Monster Ride Truck

The truck was built in the mid-1980’s, with a regular pick up body and started life as “The Wrecker” monster truck in Southern Ontario, Canada. It was then sold to a stunt team in Nova Scotia and renamed “The One Armed Bandit”. It arrived in the UK in 2004 and was transformed into a ride-truck with bucket seats, full roll cage and seat belts.

As with all Monster Trucks, the thrill begins when the engine roars into life and you can feel the power right through your bones. Watching this massive beast take flight as it leaps over a heap of scrap cars is nothing less than awesome !

The truck takes it’s name from “Slaine – The Warped One” a comic book hero from 2000AD, one of Britains most popular comic books. Slaine has the power of the “Warp Spasm” where super powers warp through his body turning him into a terrifying monstrous figure.

Passenger Rides

The Slaine is not only a car crushing beast but is also capable of giving passenger rides. At each of our stunt shows spectators daring enough will have the chance to win a passenger ride in the back of the Slaine.

Children and Adults of all ages love the thrill of riding in a monster truck. The “Slaine” is a tremendous crowd puller and, if included in the advertising of your event, would draw a wider spectrum of people attending any function or event. If you would like to hire this ride truck for your event please contact us with your requirements.

Technical  specifications

Weighs 7 tons. Stands at 16ft high, 12ft wide and 18ft in length. It has a 454 Big Block Chevrolet V8 engine, TH 400 3 speed automatic transmission, 66 inch tyres. Fitted with a remote ignition interrupter (Rii). Heavy duty Rockwell military axles. Full heavyweight steel chassis. Heavy duty leaf springs with 4 shock absorbers per corner. Military transfer case. Central driving position. Front engine truck.